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Covanta Imports Will Increase Bin Charges

February 16, 2010
Paul Gilman, a senior vice president with Covanta, said his company can’t afford to bring waste from long distances to Chester County, S Carolina:
“The economics of building a facility like this and trying to attract imported waste just doesn’t work,” Gilman said, explaining that his company will compete with landfill corporations for a slice of the garbage pie in South Carolina.

For much of the past two months, Covanta has quietly pitched its plan to state regulators, newspaper editors, environmentalists and lawmakers – including Scott and Sen. Creighton Coleman, whose district includes Chester County.

Implication for Poolbeg Incinerator:  Mr Gilman’s statement obviously means Covanta will force increased bin charges to import waste by ship to Dublin.  However this is hidden in a secret contract.  Annual bin charges of €500 to €700 across Ireland can not be ruled out by 2013.

Paul Gilman, Another Revolving Door Man.
  • Former science adviser for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Senior vice president with Covanta.
Another Revolving Door 
Even More Doors at EPA-Ireland
Blacksploitation:  The first time a British flag was taken down and replaced by an American flag was in Charleston in 1775.  Chester County is located in the former slave state of South Carolina.  The per capita income for the county was €10,900 ($14,709). About 11.90% of families and 15.30% of the population were below the poverty line. 

The Chester County unemployment rate is 22%, a perfect place for Covanta’s spin about “jobs”, cynically delivered by local politicians.  S.C. legislators are being asked to loosen state rules so a New Jersey company can build a $450 million garbage incinerator in jobs-hungry Chester County.  

“They’re looking to use little South Carolina as a place to unload their garbage,” said Susan Corbett, a top official with the state Sierra Club.

Another Covanta Contract Dispute, New York State.

February 14, 2010
Covanta is in another dispute about interpretation of a contract for payments for waste.
CA 09-01352.
Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York, Fourth Department.
Decided February 11, 2010.

Poolbeg Incinerator Run by New Jersey’s Culture?

July 26, 2009

Is Covanta influenced by New Jersey’s Culture? Will the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator be run using New Jersey’s best?

The arrests come in a state that is no stranger to political corruption. The former mayors of Newark, Paterson and Camden, to name but a few, have or are serving time in prison. Wayne Bryant, a former state senator, is due to be sentenced for fraud and bribery on Friday. Until recently, “double-dipping”, holding two elected positions, was the norm.

  • Handing out public-sector contracts to political donors, “pay to play”, is common practice.
  • Cronyism is practically accepted.
  • Mob ties are not unusual [blog-edit: especially in waste management and construction].

- The Economist, Jul 24th 2009, NEWARK, NEW JERSEY

New Jersey is not Sweden. Covanta is HQ’ed in New Jersey. Which quite possibly has no influence whatsoever on the corporate culture, apart from sharp suits and haircuts. Covanta is not a gonzo outfit. As far as is known Covanta is a mighty fine corporate citizen. Except perhaps for Dioxins violations reported for all of its New Jersey waste incinerators and about 6,000 violations at Ogden and conflicts with employees and other legal concerns in Florida and a recent ‘bankruptcy’ issue and the odd explosion forcing people to run indoors.

Like Wall Street bankers also based in New Jersey, Covanta’s CEO Tony Orlando is heavily bonus driven with recent official compensation of about $3 million.

US websites list the legal political donations made by Covanta staff to local politicians. In 2008 the Irish lawyer for the Poobeg Incinerator Promoters, ‘Willem Schipkijk’, had a legal fundraiser in his Dalkey house for at least one American Presidential candidate (Obama) in Dublin. Curious?

DCC’s choice of operator for the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator is a Covanta entity legalised in the secret banking haven of Luxembourg. Curious?

In Ireland of course the secret contract DCC made with Covanta was not influenced by any form of “pay to play” nor cronyism nor the total dismissal of scientific facts and the public’s interest in favour of secret political diktats. The secret contract may involve a “put or pay” contract which will burden the bankrupted taxpayers who are not killed prematurely by incinerator nanoparticles (PM0.1).

Bertie ‘Won It On De Horses’ Ahern can confirm this, even if it’s actually true. So will the public servants now retiring on the world’s highest pensions. These are honest men.


Poolbeg Incinerator "Rogue Employer"

July 24, 2009

The USA’s National Labor Relations Board this week issued a comprehensive complaint charging Covanta Energy Corp. and all of its U.S. subsidiaries with violating federal labor law.

AFL-CIO Local 369 President Gary Sullivan:

The board’s action confirms our first-hand experience that Covanta is a rogue employer with no respect for the rights of its employees.

Dublin City Council has a secret deal with Covanta to run the proposed Poolbeg Waste-to-Toxins incinerator. Possibly to dodge US courts the deal is with an offshore Covanta outfit – a special purpose entity firewalled in secretive Luxembourg (guess why).

The USA’s National Labor Relations Board is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1935 to administer the National Labor Relations Act, the primary law governing relations between unions and employers in the private sector.

Covanta – List of Subsidiaries

June 1, 2009
List of Subsidiaries
8309 Tujunga Avenue Corp.
American Commercial Lines Holdings LLC
Burney Mountain Power
Capital Compost & Waste Reduction Services, LLC
Central Valley Biomass Holdings, LLC
Central Valley Fuels Management Inc.
Covanta Alexandria / Arlington, Inc.
Covanta ARC Company
Covanta ARC Holdings, LLC
Covanta ARC LLC
Covanta B-3, LLC
Covanta Babylon, Inc.
Covanta Berkshire Holdings, Inc.
Covanta Berkshire Operations, Inc.
Covanta Bessemer, Inc.
Covanta Biofuels, Inc.
Covanta Bristol, Inc.
Covanta Capital District II LLC
Covanta Capital District LLC
Covanta Capital District, L.P
Covanta Company of SEMASS, L.P.

Covanta Connecticut (S.E.), LLC
Covanta Delano, Inc.
Covanta Delaware Valley II, LLC
Covanta Delaware Valley LLC
Covanta Delaware Valley, L.P.
Covanta Development Company LLC
Covanta Energy Americas, Inc.
Covanta Energy Asia, Inc.
Covanta Energy Corporation
Covanta Energy Europe, Inc
Covanta Energy Group, Inc.
Covanta Energy Resource Corp.
Covanta Energy Services, Inc.
Covanta Engineering Services, Inc.
Covanta Essex Company
Covanta Essex II, LLC
Covanta Essex LLC
Covanta Fairfax, Inc.
Covanta Frederick/Carroll, Inc.
Covanta Funds Administration, Inc.
Covanta Hampton Roads LLC
Covanta Harford, Inc.
Covanta Harrisburg, Inc.
Covanta Haverhill Associates

Covanta Haverhill Properties, Inc.
Covanta Haverhill, Inc.
Covanta Hawaii Energy LLC
Covanta Hempstead Company
Covanta Hempstead II, LLC
Covanta Hempstead LLC
Covanta Hennepin Energy Resource Co., Limited Partnership
Covanta Hillsborough, Inc.
Covanta Holding Corporation
Covanta Honolulu Resource Recovery Venture
Covanta Huntington Limited Partnershiip
Covanta Huntington Resource Recovery One Corp.
Covanta Huntington Resource Recovery Seven Corp.
Covanta Huntsville, Inc.
Covanta Hydro Operations West, Inc.
Covanta Indianapolis, Inc.
Covanta Insurance Holdings Corporation
Covanta Kent, Inc.
Covanta Lake Holding Corp.
Covanta Lake II, Inc.
Covanta Lancaster, Inc.
Covanta Lee, Inc.
Covanta Long Island, Inc.
Covanta Maine, LLC

Covanta Marion Land Corp.
Covanta Marion, Inc.
Covanta Mendota Holdings, Inc.
Covanta Mendota, L.P.
Covanta Mid-Conn, Inc.
Covanta Montgomery, Inc.
Covanta Niagara II, LLC
Covanta Niagara LLC
Covanta Niagara, L.P.
Covanta Oahu Waste Energy Recovery, Inc.
Covanta Omega Lease, Inc.
Covanta Onondaga Five Corp.
Covanta Onondaga Four Corp.
Covanta Onondaga Limited Partnership
Covanta Onondaga Operations, Inc.
Covanta Onondaga Three Corp.
Covanta Onondaga Two Corp.
Covanta Onondaga, Inc.
Covanta Operations of SEMASS II, LLC
Covanta Operations of SEMASS LLC
Covanta Operations of Union LLC
Covanta OPW Associates, Inc.
Covanta OPWH, Inc.
Covanta Otay 3 Company

Covanta Pasco, Inc.
Covanta Pinellas, Inc.
Covanta Pittsfield, LLC
Covanta Power Development of Mauritius, Inc.
Covanta Power Development, Inc.
Covanta Power International Holdings, Inc.
Covanta Power Pacific, Inc.
Covanta Power Plant Operations
Covanta Projects of Hawaii, Inc.
Covanta Projects of Wallingford, L.P.
Covanta Projects, Inc.
Covanta Ref-Fuel Finance LLC
Covanta Ref-Fuel Holdings LLC
Covanta Ref-Fuel II LLC
Covanta Ref-Fuel LLC
Covanta Ref-Fuel Management II, LLC
Covanta Ref-Fuel Management LLC
Covanta Renewable Fuels LLC
Covanta Research & Technology, LLC
Covanta RRS Holdings, Inc.
Covanta SBR Associates
Covanta Secure Services, LLC

Covanta SEMASS, L.P.
Covanta Southeastern Connecticut Company
Covanta Southeastern Connecticut, L.P.
Covanta Springfield, LLC
Covanta Stanislaus, Inc.
Covanta Systems, LLC
Covanta Union, Inc.
Covanta Wallingford Associates, Inc.
Covanta Warren Energy Resource Co., Limited Partnership
Covanta Warren Holdings I, Inc.
Covanta Warren Holdings II, Inc.
Covanta Waste to Energy of Italy, Inc.
Covanta Waste to Energy, LLC
Covanta Water Holdings, Inc.
Covanta Water Systems, Inc.
Covanta WBH, LLC
Danielson Indemnity Company
Danielson Insurance Company
Danielson National Insurance Company
Danielson Reinsurance Corporation
DSS Environmental, Inc.
Generating Resource Recovery Partners L.P.
Haverhill Power, LLC

Koma Kulshan Associates L.P.
Kramer Capital Consultants, Inc.
LMI, Inc.
Michigan Waste Energy, Inc.
Mount Kisco Transfer Station, Inc.
MSW Energy Erie LLC
MSW Energy Finance Co. II, Inc.
MSW Energy Finance Co., Inc.
MSW Energy Holdings II LLC
MSW Energy Holdings LLC
MSW Energy Hudson LLC
Mt. Lassen Power
NAICC Insurance Services
National American Insurance Company of California
New Covanta Lake Holding LLC
OPI Quezon, LLC
Pacific Energy Operating Group, L.P.
Pacific Energy Resources Incorporated
Pacific Hydropower Company
Pacific Oroville Power, Inc.
Pacific Recovery Corporation
Pacific Wood Fuels Company
Pacific-Ultrapower Chinese Station

Peabody Monofill Associates, Inc.
Penstock Power Company
Recycling Industries Transfer Station, LLC
SEMASS Partnership
South Fork II Associates Limited Partnership
Thermendota, Inc.
TransRiver II, LLC
TransRiver LLC
TransRiver Canada Incorporated
TransRiver Marketing Company, L.P.
TransRiver Philadelphia LLC
TransRiver Portsmouth LLC
TransRiver Transfer Systems LLC
TransRiver Waste LLC
UAH Groveville Hydro Associates
UAH Management Corp
Valor Insurance Company, Incorporated
Ambiente 2000 S.R.L.
Bal-Sam India Holdings Limited
Chengdu Jiuniang Environmental Energy Co. Ltd.
Chongqing Sanfeng Covanta Environmental Industry Co., Ltd.
Covanta Bangladesh Operating Limited
Covanta Cayman (Rojana) Limited
Covanta Cayman (Sahacogen) Limited

Covanta Energy (Ireland) Limited
Covanta Energy (Thailand) Limited
Covanta Energy (UK) Limited
Covanta Energy Asia Holdings Limited
Covanta Energy Asia Pacific Limited
Covanta Energy China (Delta) Limited
Covanta Energy China (Gamma) Limited
Covanta Energy India (Balaji) Limited
Covanta Energy India (CBM) Limited
Covanta Energy India (Samalpatti) Limited
Covanta Energy India Private Limited
Covanta Energy International Investments Limited
Covanta Energy Limited
Covanta Energy Philippine Holdings, Inc.
Covanta Europe Engineering Limited
Covanta Europe Holdings S.a.r.l.
Covanta Europe Operations Limited
Covanta Five Limited
Covanta Four Limited
Covanta Holding Limited
Covanta India Operating Private Limited
Covanta Italy Holding, S.r.l.
Covanta Italy I S.r.l.
Covanta Italy II S.r.l.

Covanta Madurai Operating Private Limited
Covanta Mauritius O&M Ltd.
Covanta One Limited
Covanta Philippines Operating, Inc.
Covanta Samalpatti Operating Private Limited
Covanta Three Limited
Covanta Two Limited
Covanta Waste to Energy Asia Investments
Covanta Waste to Energy Asia Limited
Covanta Waste to Energy Asia Ltd
Dublin Waste to Energy (Holdings) Limited
Dublin Waste to Energy Limited
Edison (Bataan) Cogeneration Corporation
Enereruope Holdings III, B.V.
GOA Holdings Limited
Guangzhou Development Covanta Environmental Industry Co., Ltd.
Hidro Operaciones Don Pedro S.A.
Madurai Power Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
NEPC Consortium Power Ltd.
Ogden Energy (Gulf) Limited
Ogden Energy India (Bakreshwar) Limited
Ogden Power Development — Cayman, Inc.
Ogden Taiwan Investments Limited
OLMEC Insurance Ltd.

P.H. Don Pedro
P.H. Rio Volcan
Power Operations and Maintenance Limited
Prima S.r.l.
Quezon Power (Philippines) Limited
Quezon Power, Inc.
Samalpatti Power Company Private Limited
Taixing Covanta Yanjiang Cogeneration Company Limited

List of Significant Subsidiaries
Covanta ARC Holdings, LLC
Covanta ARC LLC
Covanta Energy Corporation
Covanta Essex Company
Covanta Essex LLC
Covanta Hempstead Company
Covanta Hempstead LLC
Covanta RRS Holdings, Inc.
Covanta SEMASS, L.P.
MSW Energy Hudson LLC
Quezon Power, Inc.
Covanta Power International Holdings, Inc.

Poolbeg Incinerator – What are Covanta, DCC, Dong, RPS, EPA and Others Hiding?

January 17, 2009

One Page Summary of Pollution is Withheld

The operators of the proposed waste-to-toxins factory in Dublin Bay do not publish a clear single A4 page summary of the pollution from their incinerator.

Pattern of Not Honestly Answering Questions
Each person you query cynically refers you to another entity in their firewalled organisation and to thousands of pages of a politically compiled “EIS”, a perhaps deliberately obfuscated set of documentation. There appears to be a consistent pattern here across people and across entities of deferring the question to others who are never available. This repeated pattern by different people in different organisations is very curious.

Why Is There No Summary?
A clear single page summary could reassure the public and definitively answer concerns on dioxins, CO2, NOx, metallic microparticles, nanoparticles, secondary particulates and the vast range of other currently known pollutants. So why is a clear summary not widely circulated? Does the Tobacco Industry provide any clues?

The lack of a clear summary is a significant and very possibly a deliberate omission or withholding of pertinent and material information. It seems something significant is being hidden. As the promotors have spent at least €20,000,000 of your money on experts and PR there is no credible reason for this cynical decision.

Deliberate Confusion Tactics?
Proposing that Joe-Six-Pack takes hours to search through thousands of pages to find one line item on dioxins amongst highly atomic data and then calculates using nanograms per second to find the annual level of dioxins is less than honest. Such an organisational approach to public concerns is very consistent with the Big Lie methodology.

Does Ireland’s Political EPA Protect The Public?
It’s also unknown if the supplied numbers posing as “data” have been peer reviewed. Is the EIS “data” as inaccurate as the numbers supplied at the Bord Pleanala hearing? The spin is that the EPA or the glorious HSE will protect the public.

Ireland’s EPA is politically compromised and can not be relied on to protect the public. Chromium-6 pollution in Cork harbour is a fine example where the EPA appear to have done nothing beyond issuing a piece of paper. One of the EPA’s director’s from that time is now employed by the waste-to-toxins industry to promote incineration in Ireland. The EPA and the industry claim there is no conflict of interest here – but perhaps they should read the confidential reports on Anglo-Irish Bank and the Dublin Developer’s Autocracy (DDDA)

Gombeen Man Governance Damages Ireland
Anglo-Irish Bank has destroyed Ireland’s global reputation for corporate governance by apparently & deliberately withholding pertinent and material information from investors. Recent Irish economic disasters have been caused by Ireland’s culture of politically driven organisations run under the control of a small cohort of cross-contaminated, intelligent, managerally-inbred, selve-serving people who seem to specialise in compromised business ethics. They do nothing illegal of course and have developed their art far beyond brown envelopes.

Two Questions
The lack of an A4 summary of public information from a sophisticated organisation raises at least two questions. What are Covanta, Dong, RPS, the developer lead DCC, the politically directed EPA and the rest of the team trying to hide from the public? And why are they apparently following Tobacco Industry Best Practice?

Our Honest Experts Recommend Incinerators.

wastetoenergy, Waste-To-Toxins, The Big Lie, EPA, Covanta Violations Lawsuits Fines Threats, Anglo Irish Bank, Dublin Bay Incinerator, Poolbeg Incinerator, Deadly Particles (PM2.5),


December 16, 2008

EPA, Zell, Covanta Violations Lawsuits Fines Threats, Deadly Particles (PM2.5)

Covanta Fined Again Over Dioxins! (2008)

December 11, 2008
Covanta of New Jersey, contracted by Dublin City Council for the proposed Waste-To-Toxins incinerator at Poolbeg, has exceeded allowable emission rate for dioxins and furans at it’s incinerator in Pittsfield by nearly 350%.

- Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

September 2008

Head back to your rashers if you trust BIFFO and Ireland’s utterly compromised EPA to protect you from Dioxins. By the way, it’s Ireland’s Environment Minister’s Green Party who said EPA-Ireland is utterly compromised.

The dedicated and honest taxpayer-funded employees at Dublin City Council have a secret contract with Covanta for the proposed Waste-To-Toxins incinerator at Poolbeg. Covanta also apparently seeks to prevent its workers from educating the public about its waste-to-toxins incinerators. DCC’s democratically-challenged apparatchiks are more flexible than communist American workers. Why? Revolving doors? Citizenship?


In September 2008, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection cited Covanta Energy for illegal emissions of toxic air pollutants at two different waste incinerators the company operates in the state.


On September 26, 2008, the DEP issued an administrative consent order finding

  • Covanta had exceeded the allowable emission rate for dioxins and furans at its incinerator in Pittsfield by nearly 350%,

according to stack tests conducted at the facility in November and December 2007.

The order
also cited the Pittsfield facility for failing to report to the DEP other violations of its air quality permit occurring in January, February, and March 2008.

The DEP order fined Covanta $7,653.

  • On the same day, the DEP issued a notice of noncompliance for toxic air emissions at Covanta’s Springfield facility in Agawam. (Where was Homer?).

The state cited two instances of excessive emissions of sulfur dioxide and one instance of excessive nitrogen oxides, all occurring during July 2008.

  • The DEP also found that Covanta had illegally failed to report these excess emissions to the state.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies dioxins and furans as probable human carcinogens. Long-term exposure has been linked to impairment of the immune system, the
developing nervous system, the endocrine system, and reproductive functions. Chronic exposure to sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides can cause respiratory disease and premature death, and can aggravate existing heart disease.

For more information concerning these events, please consider using Skype to contact Covanta at
+1-973/882-7277 (phone) or

+1-973/882-7276 (fax).

Poolbeg incinerator, covanta, dioxin

Does Covanta Have Something To Hide?

December 11, 2008

Extracts from Open Letter to Members of Irish Trade Unions, Community Activists, and Public Officials Concerning Covanta Energy

In May 2008, employees at Covanta’s incinerator in Rochester, Massachusetts voted in a government supervised election for representation by our union. Since that election, management has frustrated meaningful bargaining by proposing numerous intolerable contract demands, including:

  • A rule broadly forbidding employees from providing “information” about the Company to “media representatives, governmental officials or other person,” including any “external attorney” or “investigator,” without management’s prior approval.
  • We believe these policies improperly coerce workers from speaking out against any concerns they may have about … the company’s operations.

Thank you for your support, and please contact us for more information about Covanta Energy.

Campaign for Justice for Covanta Workers × 120 Bay State Drive × Braintree, Mass., USA 02184 × × 781.848.3740 (ph) × 781.848.4108 (fx) × October 2008


Connolly Letter to Tony Orlando

Tony Orlando is not to be confused in any way with Tony Soprano, another New Jersey waste business operator.

poolbeg incinerator, waste-to-toxins, energy answers, covanta, big lie.

Covanta Fined for Toxic Nickel Emissions

December 11, 2008
This is Tony The Nano Rat.
Tony’s Cancer Took Just Six Months to Develop.


Image: A Public Service
· Campaign for Justice for Covanta Workers

October 20, 2008

Pennsylvania Fines Covanta $45,600 for Toxic Nickel Emissions.

In a “Consent Assessment of Civil Penalty” issued by the Department on October 20, 2008, Covanta admitted that its conduct violated the state Air Pollution Control Act and agreed to pay the fine.

Nickel compounds are known human carcinogens, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Noncancer effects of nickel compounds can include chronic bronchitis and reduced lung function in persons who have breathed high levels.

For more information concerning these events, please consider contacting Covanta at +1-973/882-7277 (ph.) or +1-973/882-7276 (fax).

Poolbeg incinerator, covanta, dioxin


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